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Event Catering Tips Offered By Top Rated Grand Rapids Wedding Catering Service

When planning your big event it is important to follow a few tips for working with a caterer. It is vital that you have a good working relationship with the service you hire. When hiring wedding catering services Grand Rapids residents want to make certain the company they choose can carry out the task professionally.

It is important to go over all the details with your caterer. In order to provide their best service they need to know what you expect from them. They must be kept informed of any changes that need to be made so you have to work closely with the service. Your caterer may be working on several projects at once so you should have everything in writing.

Make sure that the company you hire has the appropriate licenses and permits for your city and state. If you are having an open bar your caterer must hold the correct license. If the service does not have the proper licenses and permits you might want to find another company to work with.

Make certain the service provides chairs, tables, linens, flatware, dinner and dessert plates, glasses, and serving utensils. You may want to use a service that is less costly, that does not provide these things. Another vendor may offer these items for a good price helping you save on your catering bill.

It is important that your caterer is able to handle any spur of the moment emergencies. Be sure they have all necessary supplies and equipment. Also make certain they will have enough staff to handle your event.

It is also very important that you are able to sample your menu items prior to the event. The food is very important so you should make certain that it is good. In addition, check references of the service you select. Keep an open line of communication so that there will be no surprises.

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