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Make Your Wedding Reception Stand Out With Grand Rapids Wedding Catering Service

Innumerable people want the day they are married to be a memorable one. There are many ways to accomplish this, from getting married on a cruise ship, to asking the bridesmaids to dress in costumes from another era, to ordering incredible food for the reception. People could choose from a wide array of possibilities in wedding catering Grand Rapids guests will think is spectacular. One option is to have all the food imported from another country. People who have Japanese ancestors might opt to have cuisine imported from Japan at their reception. People who adore gourmet cuisine might choose to have olives flown in from Greece, dried tomatoes from Italy, and cheese from France. A bride and groom who do not consume meat may wish to provide only vegetarian options at their reception. A vegetarian reception can be implemented in a highly appetizing and memorable way. The main course could be marinated tofu served in a Thai peanut sauce. Pumpkin hummus might be served as an appetizer, and orange and pineapple tarts may be served with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Cooking shows have become some of the most popular shows on television. A couple might consider asking a caterer to prepare several recipes that have been featured on national cooking shows. If the groom and bride watch a particular food show every week, they could make a list of recipes from the show that seem appropriate for their special day. Another idea for a person planning a unique reception is to select a few favorite recipes from childhood. This could be especially meaningful if cherished relatives are invited to a wedding. The groom might request that the caterer prepare the kind of cookies his grandmother baked when he was a child. The bride could share a family recipe with the caterer, in order to surprise her beloved aunt at the reception. People can do a lot of things to create an unforgettable reception. A wedding may be followed by a buffet of exciting cuisine choices. A talented caterer can help to make such a day as special as possible.

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